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Christian Youth In Action: Service

Why go?

At this training school, you will receive materials to help you teach children wherever you go! Most of our trained campers serve in churches working with the children’s ministry, proclaim God’s truths in Good News Clubs in the public schools and also serve in training other teenagers throughout the state. Our small groups for studying, practicing, and actually doing the ministry provide you opportunities to partner and fellowship with teenagers from all over Washington!


What is it?

A year-round program for teens who've completed 6th grade, college students, and young adults. It all starts at camp each summer. This is an opportunity to learn and put into practice effective teaching techniques and evangelistic tools used to reach children with the gospel of Christ. You will experience the thrill of being a soul winner as well as becoming a better messenger of God's good news!

Tell me more!

CYIA 2020 is over. Check back for an update about CYIA 2021! 

Contact your local chapter for more info!


Real Stories of Changed People

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